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  • $25 Orange Key “34908230S1”

    Simply enter this number in when signing up with ING Direct Canada, and receive $25 within 24hrs of depositing $100 into your account.

    Just type in 34908230S1 when signing up for an ING Direct Canada account. This is my code so we'll both get the bonus when it's issued ($25 each)

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Post Your Orange Key Here

Obviously I would love it for everyone who signs up with ING Direct Canada to do so through me.  However, for whatever reason whether it be because my code is maxed out or just because people don’t want to this obvious is not going to happen.

As such I set up this page to be a place for people to post their ING Direct Orange Key so that other can use it.

Now I wouldn’t exactly be doing myself any justice unless I at least made one last plea to ask you to use my key so here it is:


As always the same stipulations apply, you can open any type of account with ING Direct Canada and as long as you invest at least $100 and use this (or any other valid Orange Key) you will get $25 given to you.  Again this also means that the person who gave you the code will be also getting $25.

If you choose my code above then THANK YOU.  If not, or you can’t make it work you can use one below.

Note to those posting, please do not put your ING Direct Key anywhere else on my site as I would like to keep the comments limited to only responses about the actual article.  Thanks in advance.


74 Responses to “Post Your Orange Key Here”

  1. michael said

    Orange key: 39477230S1

    Please and thank you!

    • armon7878 said

      I would greatly appreciate if anyone uses my orange key! If you use it you will get $25 but if you email me at I can hit you up with an extra $10! So instead of getting $25 you will get $35! You will also be helping me out and giving me some money! Thanks everybody :)!

  2. Dmax said



  3. Riei said

    Here is another orange key you guys use!
    Happy saving!


  4. Andy said

    Here is my Orange Key: 3970797S1.

    Open an ING Direct Bank Account with $100 or more to receive a $25 Bonus + 2.5% interest for 90 days! This is a great bank and a great deal, feel free to email me at and I’ll make sure you get your bonus as soon as possible.

  5. Jack said

    Use key 39718020S1 at ING Direct and INSTANTLY get $25 dollars! Free money!

  6. Ellen said

    My orange key is 40628196S1 :)!

  7. Gina said

    Use my Orange Key 28322461S1 to save you FIFTY BUCKS! For a limited time It’s now at $50 until Dec. 31st 2013.

  8. People Person said

    Orange Key is 31599471S1. Get us both some free money!

  9. BadJai said

    Orange Key: 40965452S1
    Get us both some free money!

  10. Evans said

    Use this Orange Key – 40806003S1 – to get $50 free! Offer good until December 31 – ING is great!!!

  11. Andy said

    Earn $50 when you use this Orange Key: 39707973S1 to sign up for a Thrive Chequing Accounting with ING Direct.
    There is no catch at all, please email me at if you have any questions about ING Direct or the referral process.

    Happy holidays!

  12. moblaze said

    $50 extra with ING Direct until December 31, 2013 using this Orange Key 41067719S1. Usually it’s only $25.

  13. Judy said

    Earn $50 until Dec 31, 2013 (instead of $25) using this Orange Key 40947402S1 – happy holidays!

  14. Dave said

    Brand new Orange Key – 41028211S1.

  15. Manny said

    Brand new Orange Key – 41069144S1

  16. Matthew said

    41332703S1 fresh out the oven

  17. Walio said


  18. Joe said

    Here is my Orange Key, could really use the extra money, help me out, go ING use my Orange Key, 33501070S1

  19. Matty said

    Hey please use my orange key 🙂


  20. JJ said

    ORANGE KEY® 40603575S1

  21. Michel said

    Here is my Orange Key, could really use the extra money, help me out, go ING use my Orange Key, 13883877S1

  22. simon said

    Here is my Orange Key 41731227S1

  23. Waheed said

    Here is my Orange Key 41917588S1

  24. Akby said

    Here is my Orange Key 41858098S1

    Thanks! 🙂

  25. Anthony Vincer said


  26. eliran2 said

    Here’s mine:



  27. L8 said


    Use it to open any Tangerine account funded with $100 or more and get $50 for a limited time!

  28. EmilyW said

    Here’s my orange key: 41641943S1

    Thank you. =)

  29. Melanie said

    This is my orange key! GO!GO!GO!


  30. AJ said

    Here’s my Orange Key: 42616483S1


  31. Emily said

    Here’s my Orange Key – 41641943S1.

    Go for it! Get your cash bonus! =D

  32. Mathieu said

    If someone were to use my orange key, that would help me a lot. Go on, use 39208486S1: you’ll get your bonus and Tangerine will grant me one, which will provide some much needed funds for college.

  33. Karla said

    My Orange Key is 40877262S1 and I’m one person away from getting a $100 bonus!

    Thanks to anyone who uses it 🙂

  34. armon7878 said

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone uses my orange key! If you use it you will get $25 but if you email me at I can hit you up with an extra $10! So instead of getting $25 you will get $35! You will also be helping me out and giving me some money! Thanks everybody :)!

  35. Kara fogul said

    Hi my name is Kara and I am 18 years old. I just started my Tangerine for school and my key is 39719031S1

  36. Himil said

    My orange key: 43584765S1

  37. Himil said

    Get a $50 welcome bonus with orange key: 43584765S1

    Please and thank you for using my key. I haven’t had my first referral yet. Please use mine. Thanks a lot 🙂

  38. Jimmy said

    Orange key: 43864130S1

  39. Troy said

    My orange key is 40345396S1.

    Bonus $50 when used at the moment.

    If you do use my key, thank you in advance! 🙂

  40. Wade said


  41. mike said

    my orange key is : 44577334S1

  42. mike said

    $50 bonus until december 31st 2015

    tangerine orange key : 44577334S1

  43. johntv said


  44. Emily said

    Here’s mine: 41641943S1. Thank you! =)

  45. Hey guys! Excited to be experiencing Tangerine goodness! My orange key is:


    Get that money! $50! Free! Whoa!

  46. Liger said

    mIne is oranger! 46233403S1

  47. Steve said

    I used 45992354S1 from

  48. Adam said

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. Mine works as of 7/11/16 and I used someone else’s. Mine is 46576702S1

  49. Donna said


  50. Easiest $50 you’ll ever make signing up for a Tangerine account! Use the Orange Code: 43193040S1

  51. Maki said

    My orange key is 39848065S1

  52. Sarah P Givogue said

    Here’s My Orange Key:


    Thanks to anyone who uses it 🙂

  53. Geoff said

    Here’s mine: 48709475S1

    I just opened a tangerine account right now very quick. You need basic info like your social insurance number. Then if you fund your account with $100 before Jan 31, 2017 we both get $50 inserted into our accounts (after jan 31 the amount is $25 until another promo comes around).

    Fastest way to fund your account is to download the tangerine mobile app for your phone or ipad and then take a picture of one your cheques from a Canadian bank or credit union made out to yourself for at least $100. You can also link an account via internet to add to your tangerine account or deposit cash through any Scotiabank ATM (free) using your tangerine card when they send that to you in the mail. You will get the bonus usually the next day from tangerine.

    I am school and working hard to make ends meet as I know many people are if you use my orange key I will be very grateful! You will be helping me avoid “ketchup soup” and help pay for my textbooks !

  54. Jimmy said


    New key! Works great!

  55. Kelly said


  56. Tangerine said

    Available Valid Orange Key: 41793369S1

  57. Bradley said

    My Orange key is 41777123S1
    Please use I am one away from a bonus plus you get $50 as well from Tangerine

  58. TR said

    Please use my key… 40384108S1

  59. Chris Nolan said

    My Orange Key is: 50057460S1

    Using my Orange key will provide you with a $50 bonus! Forget the regular $25 bonus.

    Happy Canada Day!!

  60. Ray said

    New orange key: 48844883S1
    cheers 🙂

  61. Jenny said

    Sign up with tangerine banking using my orange key code : 49806291S1
    Follow the instructions and you can start earning money!

  62. kdf said


  63. c said


  64. Tr said


  65. Shannon said

    Use Orange Key : 51296792S1
    To get 100$ When you open your account with Tangerine!🍊!

  66. AlexS said

    Its an awesome day to open a Tangerine account and use the following Orange Key, we both get 50.00 that we can spend on rent, food, maybe the Star Wars movie (tbh we will all be watching that movie with the 50.00 and maybe get popcorn with the works!)
    Anyways if you do use this key i humbly thank you!!
    Virtual high five
    Later Gators
    Orange Key: 51448837S1

  67. Robin Johnson said


  68. N L said

    My is very juicy and special… 😛

  69. Jenny said

    Help a single mom in nursing school! 50872572S1

  70. Blair Brown said

    Would love for some referals ! Here is my key!

    ORANGE KEY : 49257817S1

  71. Hi! my Orange key is 51937036S1

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