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  • $25 Orange Key “34908230S1”

    Simply enter this number in when signing up with ING Direct Canada, and receive $25 within 24hrs of depositing $100 into your account.

    Just type in 34908230S1 when signing up for an ING Direct Canada account. This is my code so we'll both get the bonus when it's issued ($25 each)

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How to make $2025 for free with ING Direct Canada

Posted by martinharford on October 6, 2009

So, you are looking for an easy way to make some money?  Or maybe you just want to sign up with ING Direct Canada and were wondering about the Orange Key.

Well, believe or not there is actually a really easy way to make some cash from a bank.  The only problem is you tap out at $2025 so it’s not exactly a life sustainable income.

Without further ado, let me outline how to make your money:

Step 1:

  • Sign up with ING Direct Canada for pretty much any account they offer.
  • Be sure to use a current Orange Key when you sign up.
  • Deposit $100 into your new account.

This will get you your first $25

Step 2:

  • Convince a friend that they should sign up with ING Direct Canada
  • Give your friend your ING Orange Key
  • Make sure your friend uses your Orange Key when they sign up
  • And that they deposit $100

This will get you $25 and your friend $25

Step 3 – 51:

  • Repeat step 2 for 49 other people

This will get you $1975, and $25 for each of the 49 people you get to sign up.

(Yes the math doesn’t work out, you get a bonus for every 10 people you sign up)

Does it work? Yup, I’m on step 51 right now.  Want to know how?  I might be sweet talked into helping you out, but for now feel free to post your Orange Key on:

If you have a blog or a website I’d appreciate a link to this page if you decide to post your Orange Key on it.


46 Responses to “How to make $2025 for free with ING Direct Canada”

  1. I have another code available for use: 30097956S1
    Enjoy the free money!

  2. Pat said

    Here’s one more: 33985466S1


  3. Amaurizal said

    Thanks for the great tip. I signed up a few weeks ago, and I love how fast and easy it is to move money back and forth. My account was set up in less than 4 business days, and the $25.00 was already in my account hassle free!

  4. Patrick said

    I just signed up with ING, so here is a brand new code from February 26, 2010: 34650675S1

  5. Mike said

    34653751S1 This is a new code and has only been used once. There a re still 49 uses left on it: 34653751S1

  6. Jing said

    Here is one more brand new orange key: 14747487S1

  7. Joanna said

    Here is another orange key in case someone needs it: 14747487S1

  8. Steve said

    use referral code 17289125S1 that never expires. It’s simple just go to enter the orange key 17289125S1 to get your $25 bonus any questions email me at

  9. Steve said

    here is a referral code 17289125S1 still valid for a long time

  10. Melody Spencer said

    New Orange Key – 35301134S1

  11. Steve Malik said

    here is an up to date orange referral key 17289125S1 good until 2015 use it to get your $25 bonus

  12. Rob said


    Orange Keys 17453092S1 and 34880608S1

    These codes do not expire!

  13. Steve said

    If anyone needs an orage key referral go to this link below and simply enter the following ORANGE KEY on the application form: 17289125S1 and get a $25 Bonus. This code is good until 2014.



  14. Scott said

    “ING Direct Orange Key Trading” is the first Facebook group of it’s kind to emerge! Join now, find Orange Keys or post your own Orange Key!

    Welcome to the first Facebook group dedicated to trading ING Direct Orange Keys in Canada! Post your ING Orange Key for others to use, or use an Orange Key that’s been posted for yourself to use when opening a new ING Direct account with a minimum initial deposit of $100.00, to receive your bonus deposit directly from ING Direct Canada!

    Once you’ve opened your ING account successfully using a valid Orange Key, you will receive your own Orange Key to use when referring friends & family. Which in turn will turn into cash rewards for ever person you refer!
    Start by opening any ING account using any Orange Key that hasn’t expired.
    ING will deposit $25.00 to get your savings started!
    Should you fail to find a valid (not yet expired) key, you may use this fail-safe key ” 32887160S1 ”


  15. Steve said

    I have an orange key valid until 2015 17289125S1 use it to get your $25 bonus

  16. Steve said

    Here is an up to date orange referral code 17289125S1 sign up for any account with ING and get a $25 bonus.

    17289125S1 is good until 2016. Plus when you open a thrive chequing account you will automatically be entered into a draw to win $25,000

  17. PinkPanda said

    New Working Orange Key – 35821095S1

    Open an ING account with a minimum deposit of $100 and use this key to get $25 bonus.

    Thanks m(_ _)m

  18. Julei K said

    VALID ORANGE KEY 14792909S1 for 2011 onwards.

  19. Tricia said

    Here’s my orange key


  20. Steve said

    Here is a new orange key this code never expires 17289125S1 use it to get your $25 bonus

  21. Steve said

    here is a new orange key 17289125S1 use it to get your $25 bonus, and if you open a thrive chequing account you will get a $100 bonus

  22. Melanie said

    WARNING!!! Do NOT use the orange key on this site. It has already been used up and can no longer be used. You CANNOT take advantage of ING’s free $25 using it. I opened a new ING account using the number on this site. I thought I was gonna get $25 free, but later found out that the Orange Key was expired. I managed to call ING and explain the situation.

    Luckily, they let me use another Orange Key (one that’s VALID). If anyone wants a WORKING, VALID Orange Key go to this site:

    I’ve confirmed that this Orange Key is VALID and WORKING. It was recently created and never used before so it WILL NOT EXPIRE for a while.

    Cheers and HAPPY SAVING!,

  23. Chris R said

    Here’s a working code: 36021870S1 if you use it, thank-you, and enjoy your $25!

  24. Melissa said

    ORANGE KEY: 36014232S1

  25. Steve said

    here is a orange key with room for tons of referrals use it to get your $25 bonus 17289125S1

  26. Steve said

    up to date orange referral code for opening any ING account 17289125S1 use it to get your $25 bonus

  27. Steve M said

    use this orange referral code 17289125S1 to get the $25 bonus happy savings

  28. blairg said

    Verified and working New Orange Key Code: 19589449S1
    (as of October 17 2011)


    Use this Orange Key to get your free $25 from when opening a new account

    Sign up for an ING Direct Savings Account or TFSA or any other type of account (Thrive, TFSA, ISA, RRSP, Mortgage).
    Paste the Orange Key code in the specific box at the bottom right of the form/page and fill out the rest of the form.

  29. Steve said

    pls enter this orange referral code to get a $25 bonus for opening any account 17289125S1

    Happy Savings

  30. Steve said

    for the $50 bonus enter this orange referral code 17289125S1

  31. Rachel said

    Orange Key 17433764S1

    waiting for my first

  32. Taios said

    Use this ING Orange Key 17304256S1 to earn $50 bonus free when you sign up for any ING account

  33. I just got my key 🙂 Please help me get my first referral 😀
    Thank you so much!


  34. Steve said

    up to date orange referral code for the $50 bonus 17289125S1

  35. adampdarkplace said

    Use my orange key 35749799S1 for a free $50!! when you open an account with at least $100! Free $50 promotion lasts only until May 31!


  36. Steve said

    pls use this orange referral code for the $50 bonus 17289125S1

  37. Have anyone of the people that has left the ING Canada Orange Key in the comments got any referral?

  38. Chris said

    Open a new ING Direct Thrive, GIC, ISA, RSP or TFSA with an initial deposit of $100 or more by December 31, 2012 and use Orange Key 34427019S1 to earn yourself a free $50 bonus.

  39. Matt said

    Active Orange Key – $25 bonus sign up! Help yourself! 🙂

    Active and Up-to-date as of Sept 2013!


  40. Prasanna said

    Hi this is my Orange Key 41043469S1…I don’t have a person to refer me…How ever has more than 100$ in Account and calls the customer support and refers me first will get a referral bonus $ 50 and I will also get $ 50 since some one has refereed me…Acct opened on Dec 5th, Name: Prasanna V Balasubramaniam…Thanks…Merry Christmas

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