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What is the ING Direct Refer a Friend Program?

Posted by martinharford on August 27, 2009

For a relatively long time now ING Direct Canada has been offering a program to encourage their current customers to get people they know, whether friends, family or associates, to sign up for an account.

The program essentially gives both the person referring and the person being referred a small bonus as long as a certain minimal deposit amount.

The deposit:

Currently this minimum amount is $100 and can be deposited into any type of account with ING Direct.  This includes pretty much any account that ING offers whether it be RSP, TFSA or regular.

The reward/bonus:

While in the past the values of the referral bonus has varied a bit, typically $13 but the program has been cancelled at times and was $0 for a while.  Currently the reward is $25 for each the referrer and the person signing up.

According to ING Canada you are supposed to get the bonus within 24hrs of depositing the minimal $100 into your account.  Note the distinction between 24hrs from opening your account and 24hrs from depositing the money.  As the typical manner of depositing the money is a check in the mail this of course will likely be more then just one day and could be as much as a few weeks depending on how fast postal mail takes your check to Toronto.

Signing up & actually getting the bonus:

All this information is great, however I have left out one important part, how does ING Direct know that you have been referred to sign up for the account and hence how do you get the money for being referred?

Well, put when you are referred you should be given a referral code which ING calls an Orange Key.  How you get this key is relatively unimportant to them just as long as you use it when you sign up.

It is of course important to include the referral code when you sign up for whatever account you have chosen.  Without the code you will not be able to get the bonus money.

Getting the referral code or Orange Key:

As already stated as far as ING is concerned it doesn’t really matter where you get the code just as long as you use it when sign up.  In fact they’d probably prefer that you didn’t use it when you sign up since it would save them money.

So where do you find a code?

Well maybe you have a friend that is already an ING Direct customer and as such would love to share their Orange Key with you.

Short of that you can of course search the internet for one as there are plenty of people out there who are posting theirs in various places all over the internet.  A word of caution with doing that is simply that the ones you might find may no longer be valid so just be sure that the number has been posted relatively recently.

You could of course use the one I have posted here (34908230S1), which I know is valid since I do find my account getting the bonus from time to time.  As you may guess this is my preference, but feel free to do however you like.


While I wouldn’t necessarily say that everyone should just go out and sign up with ING Direct Canada just because they can get $25 when the do it.  I would say that if you are planning on doing so I would make certain that I had valid Orange Key since there certainly is no harm in getting yourself an extra bit of money.


19 Responses to “What is the ING Direct Refer a Friend Program?”

  1. JB said

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    A great way to start the New Year is an extra $25 in your pocket.

    Here’s a WORKING Orange Key 32077712S1.

    Thanks and Enjoy!

  2. Rob said


    Orange Keys 17453092S1 and 34880608S1

    These codes do not expire!

  3. Scott said

    “ING Direct Orange Key Trading” is the first Facebook group of it’s kind to emerge! Join now, find Orange Keys or post your own Orange Key!

    Welcome to the first Facebook group dedicated to trading ING Direct Orange Keys in Canada! Post your ING Orange Key for others to use, or use an Orange Key that’s been posted for yourself to use when opening a new ING Direct account with a minimum initial deposit of $100.00, to receive your bonus deposit directly from ING Direct Canada!

    Once you’ve opened your ING account successfully using a valid Orange Key, you will receive your own Orange Key to use when referring friends & family. Which in turn will turn into cash rewards for ever person you refer!
    Start by opening any ING account using any Orange Key that hasn’t expired.
    ING will deposit $25.00 to get your savings started!
    Should you fail to find a valid (not yet expired) key, you may use this fail-safe key ” 32887160S1 ”


  4. PinkPanda said

    New Working Orange Key – 35821095S1

    Open an ING account with a minimum deposit of $100 and use this key to get $25 bonus.

    Thanks m(_ _)m

  5. Melanie said

    WARNING!!! Do NOT use the orange key on this site. It has already been used up and can no longer be used. You CANNOT take advantage of ING’s free $25 using it. I opened a new ING account using the number on this site. I thought I was gonna get $25 free, but later found out that the Orange Key was expired. I managed to call ING and explain the situation.

    Luckily, they let me use another Orange Key (one that’s VALID). If anyone wants a WORKING, VALID Orange Key go to this site:

    I’ve confirmed that this Orange Key is VALID and WORKING. It was recently created and never used before so it WILL NOT EXPIRE for a while.

    Cheers and HAPPY SAVING!,

  6. Steve said

    here is an up to date orange referral code 17289125S1 use it for
    your $25 bonus

  7. blairg said

    Verified and working New Orange Key Code: 19589449S1
    (as of October 17 2011)


    Use this Orange Key to get your free $25 from when opening a new account

    Sign up for an ING Direct Savings Account or TFSA or any other type of account (Thrive, TFSA, ISA, RRSP, Mortgage).
    Paste the Orange Key code in the specific box at the bottom right of the form/page and fill out the rest of the form.

  8. Smile said

    Here’s a working orange key 32077712S1

    Thanks for choosing mine, and enjoy, ING is the best.

  9. Taios said

    Valid ING Orange Key 17304256S1 to earn $50 bonus free when you sign up for any ING account

  10. 33885729S1

    Thank you to anyone who uses my orange key! Its new from 2012 🙂

  11. Sarah said

    Here is an active code (activated Sept. 10th, 2012):


    Thanks to those who use it 🙂

  12. Shaun said

    Verified and working: 39684332S1

  13. Chris said

    Open a new ING Direct Thrive, GIC, ISA, RSP or TFSA with an initial deposit of $100 or more by December 31, 2012 and use Orange Key 34427019S1 to earn yourself a free $50 bonus.

  14. Prasanna said

    Hi this is my Orange Key 41043469S1…I don’t have a person to refer me…How ever has more than 100$ in Account and calls the customer support and refers me first will get a referral bonus $ 50 and I will also get $ 50 since some one has refereed me…Acct opened on Dec 5th, Name: Prasanna V Balasubramaniam…Thanks…Merry Christmas

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