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  • $25 Orange Key “34908230S1”

    Simply enter this number in when signing up with ING Direct Canada, and receive $25 within 24hrs of depositing $100 into your account.

    Just type in 34908230S1 when signing up for an ING Direct Canada account. This is my code so we'll both get the bonus when it's issued ($25 each)

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Get $13 free from ING Direct Canada (now $25)

Posted by martinharford on June 23, 2009

ING Direct Bank of Canada is a web based bank available for all residents of Canada who have valid Social Insurance Numbers.

One great advantage in having an account with this bank is that their interest rates are very favourable in comparison to that of the other mainstream banks available in Canada. This goes for both investing money with them (ie Savings Accounts) as well as borrowing money at a lower rate.

Unfortunately, for some, this comes with a bit of a draw back, since in order to achieve these great rates ING has very few locations that are available to speak to a person face to face. Which may come as an inconvenience, however they’re very accessible website as well as they’re phone availability makes up for most who do not need that service.

A program that is only somewhat well known by the public is ING’s Orange Key promotion which allows new customers to sign up with a $100 deposit and receive a $13 bonus in their account. Unfortunately for some times these keys are not readily available (one know key is 16157624S1 which worked at the time of writing).

Keep in mind that you need to be a Canadian Resident with a valid Social Insurance Number in order to open an account with ING Direct. And of course you need to both enter in a valid Orange Key (ie the aforementioned 16157624S1) as well as deposit $100 before you will be given your money.

Update: As of June 30, 2009 the bonus about has been increase to $25


11 Responses to “Get $13 free from ING Direct Canada (now $25)”

  1. Jesica said

    I just opened my account (Nov 2010): here is my orange key 35386449S1

    by using this key , you and I (both) will recieve 25$ immediately.

    cheers, ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rob said

    Orange Keys 17453092S1 and 34880608S1

  3. Joyce Estillore said

    Working Orange Key: 35821095S1

    When you open an Account with a minimum balance of $100, we’ll start you off with a $25 bonus!

    Visit to save your money today

    Joyce ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Steve said

    Here is a brand new orange referral code 17289125S1 use it to get
    your $25 bonus


  5. blairg said

    Verified and working New Orange Key Code: 19589449S1
    (as of October 17 2011)


    Use this Orange Key to get your free $25 from when opening a new account

    Sign up for an ING Direct Savings Account or TFSA or any other type of account (Thrive, TFSA, ISA, RRSP, Mortgage).
    Paste the Orange Key code in the specific box at the bottom right of the form/page and fill out the rest of the form.

  6. Money Saver said

    For Canadian residents, here is an updated Orange Key Code:


    Use this orange key when signing up for a account to get a $25 bonus.

  7. Chris said

    Please feel free to use my ING Direct Orange Key – 34427019S1

  8. Karen said

    My orange key is 39905970S1 (November 2012!)

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